100 November Lane

When you visit 100 November Lane, you will be overwhelmed with the sense of tranquility that seems to just dwell in and around this property. You can’t really point to just one thing, the sense of peace is just everywhere. To call the house impressive is an understatement. Each room is a tribute to the thought that went behind its construction.

You could go on and on about all of the features of this property: the full tennis court, the 3-story dock, the drive-thru and garages… But if you had to point to the most impressive feature, you would always go back to its serenity. Imagine waking up to walk down the sandy beach hearing nothing but the simple lapping of the lake. Imagine watching the dawn from the sunrise gazebo, and listening to the birds wake each other up with their songs.

Special Features

  • Waterfront Property
  • Seawall
  • Boat Dock
  • Sunrise Gazebo
  • Curved Gold Bridge
  • Beach Guest House
  • Drive Thru
  • Screened-in Porch
  • Small Car Garages
  • Security System
  • Dog House & Pen
  • Victory Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Out Storage
  • Fruit Trees
  • Tennis Court
  • Well
  • Privacy Hedge

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